What if?

It’s about asking the right questions, synthesizing deep insights, identifying strategic opportunities, and creating powerful, emotionally resonant and sustainable brands. “What if” thinking helps transform people and organizations and establish brand direction, clarity of purpose, inspiration, and energy internally and externally.

Our process



Revealing the truth and defining a strategic foundation

Starting out with the wrong questions and assumptions guarantees you will miss key opportunities. We begin with deep customer + market research and insights. You’ve probably heard that before, but we passionately believe in finding the truth. These truths are used to identify, articulate and illuminate brand strategy for our clients that helps achieve strategic business and brand outcomes.



Developing strong, compelling names and naming systems

People are overwhelmed with choices. A distinctive name has the potential to increase awareness and grow market share. A name is a promise, and the most visible and powerful brand expression and personality and organization has. It delivers strategic impact. It helps create an emotional connection that give people reasons to care, to belong and to make a choice.



Creating powerful, emotionally resonant and sustainable brand expressions and experiences

Developing a brand promise that is relevant and differentiates you from the competition is effectively translated into brand expressions and customer experience design. With the power of deep insights, we design, create and launch multi-layered programs impacting the cluttered world of brands we live in.

What our clients say about us

“Expert communicators that are strategic, global, creative thinkers with an edge, who converge the rational with the emotional. Did I mention they’re fun to work with?”

– Kirt Martin, Vice President of Design and Marketing / Landscape Forms

“The Samata team shares my passion to make positive change happen, pushing beyond what currently exists. They have the experience to transform ideas into great brands – they’ve done it for me at two different organizations.”

– Brad Halverson, CEO / Clearbrand

“Samata not only helped us exceed our brand and business goals, they also helped us launch an award-winning magazine unlike anything else published in the senior living market.”

– Dan Hutson, VP Communications & Marketing / be.group

“Samata helped us accomplish what was perceived as nearly impossible – bring together over 400 disparate organizations to create a powerful, resonant regional brand.”

– Bob DeKoch, COO, President / The Boldt Company
, Co-chairman of the Board / New North

  • 600 + Brand Names, Identities, Stories, and Experiences
  • 1,060 Awards and Publications
  • 150 Juries & Lectures
  • 41 Film Festivals
  • 1,172,000 + Cups of Coffee