What if we harnessed the power
of the moving image?

Films that tell real stories about life in our vibrant world. From simple ideas to illuminating complex issues, our films create narratives connecting audiences to compelling stories and beautiful visual landscapes.

Atlantic Philanthropies
(South Africa)

This short documentary presents a historic perspective of The Atlantic Philanthropies work in South Africa and highlights the impact of its grant making there.

North Shore Country Day School

North Shore uses video as a tool in their recruitment efforts. Connor is part of a produced series of videos featuring students in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools talking about ways in which North Shore has been a perfect fit for them.

Willa Vodka

The young, vibrant lifestyle of an urban woman comes to to life in this premier video for Willa Vodka.

Landscape Forms

Portland Oregon’s metropolitan transportation system (TriMet) is growing and as one of the most dynamic and efficient transportation systems in America, its moving millions of people each day. The Landscape Forms 431 team, designed and developed the look and functionality of the transportation system.

Flood Street

Compelled by the growing violence in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, Harry Sims built a boxing ring where he could teach the neighborhood boys discipline and self-respect through boxing. Flood Street follows Harry and his most promising fighters as they fight their way to a better future.

(Beyond Design, Design Beyond)

Design, beauty and craftsmanship highlight this glimpse into the world of production for some of the most beautiful products and kitchens in the world.

The Hot 8

New Orleans. Jazz. Tradition. Change. The musical aspirations of a group of passionate young musicians are shared against a backdrop of thumping brass and braggadocio in this visually stunning portrait.
(Successful Living)

Featuring a multitude of “young at heart” residents extolling their lifestyle and activities, this video promotes’s senior living communities and the opportunity to “be yourself”.

Xata Road Science

A short video that features the concept of “Road Science” and the numbers that are behind the vast moving DNA of the trucking industry.

Wander + Revel

Collevilca creates beautiful objects made of the finest crystal. This video is part of a series of videos that feature work of Italian artisans while giving the viewer a glimpse into the lives of the artisans and the process.

Ramsey Lewis
(Songs From The Heart)

Ramsey Lewis narrates this video to promote his new album, “Songs From The Heart.”

Verite Nue

An experimental film in which six individuals expose themselves physically and emotionally as they share the one moment in their lives that forever changed them.


A music video that creates an extraordinary artistic visual palate for the Neville Brothers song, Voodoo Woman.